am trying to configure my email account in microsoft outlook for the very first time and after completing the wizard when i try to send and receive emails the enter network password window is popping up again and again even when i enter the right password and check the box which says save password/... am using microsoft outlook 2002.... its a real pain... anybody has a solution for this :mad:

Understand from your query that even after entering the right password you are getting some error's..mind if the same could be analysed step by step....
are u recieving mails but not able to send or have you set the outgoing server Tick mark enabled[Use same settings as my Incoming server] u will find it in Tools-> Account seeings->Email Accounts->More Settings/ Outgoing server Tab.

Maker sure you have checked save password box. in Tool >account settings >your e-mail and password settings . and save the settings.

Go to tools, options, mail setup and then you will see Emial Accounts. The is where the problem is, now you need to call whomer you are getting your hosting through to input in the correct codes and procedures.

You'll never cure this problem. There are thousands of suggestions in Google - but if you've set up your mail account properly the only way you'll get this to stop is go bacvk to vanilla install, move forward one application at a time, try for a day ort so and so on.

Nobody's found a solution yet!