Where on here can I establish a Password so that ONLY 1 user ME can use the systerm, where on here can you do this?

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do you mean system? or are you saying like system terminal which would be the command prompt?

If you want the system you have to goto start>control panel>user accounts>select an account>change my password. or that should be close enough to get you there. For the command prompt im not sure you would have to set some sortof of permission or security policy on it.

If you really don't want anyone else logging on to the system, set a BIOS password- users would have to enter the BIOS password in order to even get the system to boot. BIOS passwords have to be enabled through your computer's BIOS setup utility, which you get to by pressing a certain access key just as the system starts to boot up (that is, well before you even see the Windows startup splashscreen). The common BIOS access keys are F1, F2, Del, and Esc.

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