I just bought McAfee for a year, but I get this error at the beginning of the installation:

"Something went wrong with the insatallation"

Any help?

This may be good news as no one I know will install that title. Get a refund and let's chat why you considered this rather awful antivirus.

Thanks all.. I just asked for a refund. I'll have another question, then, how to find the best AV-package for my machine?

There's a Reddit on that. What I've read is that Windows Defender is fine.

But. There are folk that think that an antivirus could save them from their own behavior. That is, some download cracked software and are searching for protection from the possible ransomware or worse. The answer to that is there is no such protection app or antivirus that will save them.
Example: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/neibhu/hi_windows_10_users_which_antivirus_software_do/

And because of recent global events, don't consider that AV from Russia.

I've been running nothing but Windows Defender on all the machines I've set up for many years now with no problems. I HAVE updated several friends' anti-virus when they complained about high CPU load when running:

  1. Trend Micro
  2. Norton Antivirus
  3. McAfee
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G'day Folks,

Interesting to view the replies with what I call 2nd rate security utilities.

I would suggest tat the Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/free.html is at the top of the list and would beat any other paid version.
This works in conjunction with the Windows firewall and protects your system.
Remember that you only install 1 (one) Internet security program and have it active in you r system tray.

  • I also on my customers PC's install Superantispyware and Malwarebytes HOWEVER DEACTIVATE THEM FROM RUNNING AS RESIDENT PROGRAMS. I use these as backup scanners as no Parasite (Antivirus, Trojan, Worms, etc.) detection program can protect you 100% it just does not exist. Obviously they cannot protect you against a virus type program that some anus-rectus amateur is writing now and about to release it as for it no protecting codes exist in their data base.

As to McAfee I would stand it against the wall and let my dog lift his leg on it. ☺

Just make sure your system does not have any other similar utilities installed, if you do uninstall them, all of them, reboot the system, than go on line for a free security scanner and scan your PC https://www.bitdefender.com.au/toolbox/ clean out anything the free scanner detects, reboot again and then start the installation with Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Windows first then the other 2 free ones and you end up with a secure system.

Need any more help, I can be found on the internet, been on it for 42+ years.

Roger Hass / PC-Bug Fixer now in Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia

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