I know there are alot of problems with this computer. I bought it about 1 year ago refurbished. Don't have the receipt or warrenty (can't find it at least). Anyways here's the problems

It would over heat constantly, I could solve this temporarily by putting it on a book to allow more air to get in. It would be so loud and hot. like super loud and hot. Then one day it just went poof and shut off. I would get these grey streaks / static on the screen (totally froze up) and this would occer while in safe mode or once entering windows.

Anyways after some troubleshooting i removed the battery and ran it on ac cord and also reduced the power settings to "power saver" mode instead of "high performance" mode -- this seemed to work -- no more hotness and loud fan. However this only worked for 2 days.

Last night it was working fine. I went to bed and shut it down normally.

I went in today at lunch and turned it on and got::


How is this possible if I was on it las tnight and it was working ? is this is a software failure ? Can i reinstall windows ? or is this a hard ware failure ?

I tried F11 (recovery) and this doesn't work -- it just goes static.


Please help me.

By the sounds of what you say, you are lucky it lasted as long as it did. I would say that you have been slowly cooking it for 12 months and now it is fully cooked. Too many possible suggestions as to the problem and difficult to check. I suggest that you take it to a repair tech that will give you a free or at least, low cost quote.
Have you ever tried to play frisbee with a laptop?? lol
Sorry, some one else here might offer some ideas but I think your goose (laptop) is cooked.

have to agree with bob on this one also !
it got hot for a reason ,putting it on a book was not correct solution ,taking it into a computer repair shop for them to have a look would have been the correct thing to do