Hello ALL!
I keep getting this error box on my screen that says "Connection Timed Out (Error 10060)" then above the box it says BVCER582649.
Every minute or 2 the box will pop up and so there ends up being a million of them on my screen. How can I get rid of this?? It is drivin me nuts!

It sounds like you have a piece of rogue "dialer" software on your system, probably the result of a virus or spyware infection (variants of the "sobig" virus are known to do this).

- Do a thorough system scan with Norton Anti-Virus or the like, and make sure you're using the lastest virus definition file when you do. Also download, install, and run the following (free) spyware/adware/malware removal tools:

Ad Aware
SpyBot Search & Destroy

You can find download sites for the above utilities by searching www.google.com.

The error message you're getting is indicating that the piece of software is trying to connect (without your knowledge) to some server on the Net, but isn't reaching that server for some reason. The reason it's trying to connect in the first place is to:

a) relay information it has gathered about you from your computer back to the remote site.

b) download additional malware components to your system