I have Windows XP. The problem started a few days ago, 2 or so.

I downloaded a game from Kazaa and Unzipped it. Now I keep hearing a sound effect from the game a few times every minute.
I tried uninstalling the game but it never really installed properly the first time so I don't know how to get rid of it.

Is there any way I can search my computer for sounds playing and delete them?


~~Christine ;)

system restore back to before you loaded the game .

system restore back to before you loaded the game .

I tried, but it the date doesn't go back to when it happened. :(


control panel, sounds is the obvious one, failing that, reinstall the game and then uninstall. You also might want to try an uninstaller program (third party) to uninstall. Virus scan, etc...

use the search menu in the start manu and type the name on the find files and folders and delete them manually make sure they are the files before deleting

I tried the search on Windows and deleted all files related to the download.
It seems to be working now, problem solved.

Thanks to all who helped!


I have same/similar problems, but I think I got it as part of a web site I was visiting.
Isn't there a way to list out anything/everything that is attaching to the audio output device ?
I'm listing all files modified since a week ago, but there are a LOT of them, maybe I'll filter that list down by file type.