I have a Dell Dimension 2400 computer installed with Windows XP Home Edition. Is there a way that I can install a different version of Windows on my computer (like on a different partition)? I have a Windows 98 SE that I need to use to work with files and programs that are only compatible with Windows 98. Thanks very much.

Yes, you can do this! You do need to create a separate partition. After that, you can install via cdrom like usual. Just make sure you install to your newly created partition (not the old one).

Thanks very much for your advice. I appreciate anyone telling me how to at least create a partition before I go any further. Thanks very much.

First things first, defrag your hard drive. this will drastically improve the success rate of the following steps.

You now need a program that will edit your partition tables.

I suggest, if you have the money, getting a copy of 'Partition Magic'
It used to be made by powerquest, but was recently bought out by symantec (they make norton antivirus)
It will run you i'd say ~70 or 80 bucks, but, it also has a very user-friendly interface, and you can run it from your opterating system.

there are some free programs out there as well. A quick google search unearthed the 'Ranish Partition Tool': http://www.ranish.com/part/

once you have your partition manager ready and installed, and your drive has been refragged, you can now open up your partition manager. I chose the previous two programs because they are 'high level' partition managers. this means that, you can use them at the regular operating mode. you can do on-the-spot research, because you don't need to reboot and change it directly, the changes are applied for you when you restart. So, now all you have to do is select your primary partition, and decide to resize it. This is done with different methods, so refer to the individual documentation of your program of choice. basically, you will see two partitions since it is a dell system. there will be a very large main partition that will be the one you change, as well as the dell utility partition. Leave that one be, You are only interested in resizing your XP partition. Depending on 'how much' and 'how often' you plan on using windows 98, will determine how much space to give it. i do not install operating systems on less than 20 gb, but that's just me. if you plan on using several different programs, and working with a lot of files, i would suggest 30 gb if you have the room.
If your XP installation is taking up 80% of your drive, I would recommend
buying a secondary hard drive.

I hope this helps, I'm sorry i was a little rushed to finish this post. Just ask if you have more questions.