Hi there, I'm a newly registered user who wish to inform you that I recon
alot of problems posted on this site, however, there has been a humble
journey for those who've had a hard time locating the roots of their problems.
Now, I don't believe I myself know where the problem I myself is about to
lay out for you, is rooted either, but I have a slight idea.

The problem follows: When I start the computer there seems to be an
certain amount of "time" before none of my applications can establish
a connection to/with the internet. There's a time-spawn of perhaps 5-10 minutes
where I can surf the web freely and use every application and it's internet
serevice but then, all of a sudden, no application is able to get a response from
the internet. This goes for IE, Firefox, MSN, and evidently all applications
(wich are all up to date), I've checked my computer for viruses with the
lates version of Norton Anti Virus and I ran all spyware programs there is.
Thuss this is not related to any kind of virus or such, in my own belief. But
there must be something "wrong" and I myself believe it's somewhere in
the configuration of my internet. I use windows XP and connect thru
a broadband dsl modem. I suspect that somewhere down the line something
I did or installed prohibit the use of internet for all the applications. I can run
nslookup's and ping and it works great but no program seem to be able to connect anyhow.

MSN gives me the "8007efd error" and Azureus gives me something like
"Maximumconnections reached, socketbuffer blah, blah..." generally telling
me there isn't enough allowed "room" for the connection, even though there
might just be one (1) at the specifik time. This is a very disturbing trouble
wich I darely hope you can help me sort out, I'll give you any information
requested for you to shine with your ability to solve my (and many others'
might I ad) problem.

Thank you.

Hi Maqrux, welcome to the site :)

A couple of things to start with:

1. Post the full and exact contents of the Azureus/MaxConnections error please.

2. Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools folder and have a look through your System and Application log files. If you see any errors or warnings in the logs, double-click on them to see their details. If any of the messages seem like they might be related to your problem, post the details here.

Do you have a firewall running?, check to make sure it is configured properly, or you might have filtering sofeware that is causing a conflict with certain programs that access the internet. Also go to start run and type msconfig and click the startup tab and uncheck the unnessery programs there.

Your ISP may be blocking you once you reach a particular site.

Or you may be exceeding time or download quotas set by your ISP.

Check to see if your internet cache is too small.

Is your hard drive nearly full?