Please help, i got a new Dell laptop, intel core 2 Duo. I dropped the laptop while in a bag, when i try to turn it on, i cann't see the icons clearly. I have adjust the resolution and still the screen is not clear, it's a bit dark and very difficult to see icons on the desktop.

Try running the Dell diagnostics. Press F12 when you see the Dell Logo and choose "Boot to Utility Partition" from the Boot time menu. Once it loads up, click on Express Test and then choose Video or Graphics. Let me know what the results say.

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i have samsung monitor with 1600x900 resolution. i connect it to my studio hybrid i set the resolution to 1600x900 but when i check the resolution to menu option of the monitor it says 1440x900. just wondering it is different from my computer's resolution info. please help!

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You have hijacked an old thread from Nov 3rd, 2006, if you want more information please start your own thread and sullpy a lot of information about your machine, OS and problem.

I can only guess that the resolution has automatically been reset to allow for a different size screen. That is, if the resolution was to stay the same, you would have black parts of the screen.