i saw taht topic but it didnt help this is what hapened i installed tinasoft's tiral thing and it made me so i could not go on my computer so i did a system recovery and in the middle of it there was a power outtage... then when i tried to go on it sayd windows could not start because the folowwing file is missing or corrpt :hal.dll i am usng my old computer but i had a hp media center pc running on windows media cener edition 2005 can i like use this gateway hal.dll and put it into my hp computer wil that work if it does can someone tell me how to do it or oesanyone have the same pc as me that has the file and could give it to me and if i do have to get a cd i found a site where it sells this OME for 110 dollars what should i do i need to use my computer urgently#!@!!!:confused::mad:

also when i do safe start up it takes me to the same hal.dll screennn

hal. i think M$ tried hard to come up with that name for this all-controlling ruler of your puter [2001: a space oddy..]. HAL is the software inteface between XP etc opsys and other applications, and the hardware. If hal is broken not much will run. You can get a copy into your PC via Recovery console and; or by taking the drive out and making it a slave in another pc and copying a clean file in.
Where to get hal.dll? from the good pc [it WILL have it], from a net library[google hal.dll]. The working copy of hal.dll resides in \WINDOWS\system32. A spare copy is always cached in \WINDOWS\driver cache\i386\ [you must extract it from this folder]. There are different hals out there, for multithreading, ACPI etc. so get the latest with most bells n whistles if you cannot read the file size from your corrrupted file to find a match.
To see that path you must go to folder options and uncheck " hide protected opsys files". So with that drive hooked up as a slave, go to the windows folder, unzip the to a scratch folder and copy the hal.dll that will be in there. Do not use the working copy in system32. Paste it into the slave drive into system32.
A copy of it is hidden in all OEM cd's also.[i386 folder]. it's only 104KB so it will fit onto a floppy for the route via recovery console.

or you could try booting to the Recovery Console and use the command 'bootcfg /rebuild'. see if this command can help rebbuild the files. Also run a chkdsk /r to eliminate the possibility of disk errors

i always thought the idea of windows file protection system was that it would do that automatically if it could. but then without hal what can it do?.:)... stuff breaks. i am still learning.