Hi all. My computer can't load explorer any more. I don't think it is caused by the virus.
Now when I run WE, nothing happens, under the Windows Task Manager,
I can see that everything except the explorer.exe, then I creat new task by selecting explorer.exe. it still doesn't load.

However, I can load My Computer and Control Panel, though other MS
programmes - IE.



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Hi Todd,

It sounds to me like your Windows installation is corrupted. That could be virus related or it could be Spyware related or any of a number of other causes.

Uninstall any unecessary programs.
Read the "Helping Yourself" sticky in the Security section of this forum, and work through the suggestions there.

If you still have problems, try an 'In-Place Upgrade' of Windows. For Windows XP you'll find instructions here:


(You'll have to reinstall your Windows updates after doing so however.)

hey Catweazle, question for you about this ^

does that mean that registry keys have been deleted or corrupted?

I'm not really sure, to tell the truth. It sounds like some file corruption as well, i'd guess. It wouldn't surprise me , given that the question mentioned "the virus", to find out that some system files have been removed or disabled, in efforts to troubleshoot an earlier issue.

An In-place upgrade' should correct any of that.

There's others here more technically proficient than me as far as the inner workings of Windows is concerned. I just deal with getting 'em going again, mate.

Thank you so much, Catweazle. I still can't fix it. I have decided to reinstall my Operating system.
Anyway ,thank you for your attention.

By the way ,do you know where I can download a GDF reader?


Thank you again, pal. I downloaded the 14 day evaluation of FME Suite from.

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