Hi folks,
I've just registered here cos I feel that someone out there has the answers to most problems.
I have a pc for my own personal use.
I use AOL with a Voyager 105 USB ADSL modem.
I don't connect to any other local or wide networks.
The only thing connected to my computer is a printer.
I have an icon which tells me that the Local Area Connection 2 has Limited or No Connectivity.
First of all -
What is this Local Area Connection 2 ?
Do I need it?
I don't have a problem getting on-line.
Can I disable it?
If I need it, how can I fix it?
I've tried all the tests it suggests, but nothing happens except that I should contact the administrator - who I presume is myself?
Any suggestions folks...?

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Hi there

The Local Area Connection 2 is a basic feature on your computer and it is used to connect another computer to your computer. hmmmm lets say 2morrow you went out and purchased a new computer now you have two computers ..... lets say you now want to connect the two computers together you use a network cable to do so. Why would i connect two computers i hear you say ? So you can share files and play games over a network!!!

Now the work around

Click start
click control panel
click system
click hardware
click device manager

Now you will see a list of all active devices

click on the + next to Network Adapters

Right click on PCI FAST Ethernet Adapters

Click Properties

at the bottom of the box that opened you will find Device usage

Click on the down arrow and select
Do not use this device (disable)

Then click OK

and the restart your computer

Hope this helps


South Africa

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