I've been reading up on windows 2000 advanced server clustering capabilities and am quiete intruigued. One problem i had while reading up about it is when you cluster, and don't have a central source of data. How is the clustering support to work?

You have two computers networked together using windows 2000 advanced server. Each computer has sql server running and being constantly updated and deleted. Does anyone know how you would make it so that the data is "shared" across both computers.

In what i was reading, they said this is what you have to do. Get the same data on both servers. just how?

I'm certified in Windows 2000 Pro your not making much sense or did I read that wrong say it again or come into the computer lobby 2 in yahoo we talk there on mic.

What I think he means is mirroring. For instance... as one computer gets changes on its drives, a 2nd computer mirrors the 1st computers changes. Therefore, its constantly syncronized with the other computer. Also, this option brings in a load balanceing feature. If one server has high utilization, the server can pass some of its processes to the other. Cool stuff... Novell NetWare has been able to do it for years ;D

Ok... but i don't want to use netware. there has to be a way to do this without using it.

"Don't fix it, if it isn't broke"

Ever hear that quote? You have no use for it, so don't worry about it.

Yes... but i want to learn. Ever hear of knowledge is power? I want to learn how to create a cluster. That's why i installed the madd ghetto win 2k adv serv!

Mad Dog... any ideas?

I answered your question into the PM as for now I will answer it one more time in this window. It's called RAID when you Install or Add anything it will Copy that to the other hard drive like a back up. There are different types of RAIDs.

Did I answer your questions I wasn't getting into it that much just wanted to answer your question.

Hopefully that helped.

there's raid between two or more computers? I'm talking about say you have computer a and computer b. Both have windows 2000 advanced server installed and the cluster is installed. The only problem is, that there's a database that is constantly being updated.

How can you make it so that both computers have the same information on it at the same time. Kind of like raid, but on two hard drives that aren't in the same system. Do you understand what i'm saying?

Can you cluster the two computers without a central hard drive and have a constantly updating database?

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I don't know about what you said I will have to look into that. hmmmmm good question. I'm sure you can though.

Yah... maybe

Well i have learned something about clustering. Thanks.

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