Ok ok... i'm having a bitch load of problems with windows 2k. A week ago, windows 2k advanced server stopped picking up one of my partitions! sucked, but screw it, fix it in da vaction.

NOW!!! win 2k pro is fuked up!!, but on my laptop which sux even more. I keep on getting that stupid blue screen of death!! (i know, i know, it's a new windows function, maybe stop reusing the same code!!!). At first, it happened when i tried to print (ctrl+p, or file->print, or wateve) in word. I went like, whateve, word problem. Then word (not even trying to print) would start randomly getting the blue screen (ok, word sux). NOW!! i was surfin on ie, and i get da blue screen. Next time i get it, i'm gonna post what it says (i disabled it from auto rebooting when it gets it). Anyone know why this is happening (other than the greedy m$).


Man oh man. First off go here. www.microsoft.com type in the search 'hcl' make sure your labtop supports Windows 2000. That would be your first step lol.

My laptop supports win 2k pro!

1. On the sticker, designed for windows NT/Windows 98 (I had an option to get the laptop with a dual boot of win 2k pro/win98, but that was a few hundred dollars more so i decided not to, so it supports win 2k)

2. I've been running win 2k for over a year (had laptop for a year and a half about) and i've never had any problems!!! BAH!!! now word is giving me a pain in the ass (i fixed most of da problems, cept da printin from word)

3. My network printing isn't working!!! BAH!!!! figure this out lata, i'm using win 2k adv serv as print server and it's not printing.

SHIT!! wait, when i switched the IIS port from 80 to 1873, could that have caused a problem? bah... check it out lata, soo damn swamped wit crap

I dont think switching ports casued any problems also you should use Windows 2000 Server Family more stable then win2k advanced server. Also what kind of LapTop you have?.

Also let me correct you on something. Lets say you didn't get Win2k on there for motherboards there are motherboards that support WinNT but "dont support win2k"

Give me your model name on the Labtop.

I don't think that is the problem it's something else just get Windows 2000 Server and try it out.

The hardware requirements are bigger on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Compaq Armada E500:
PIII 700
128 meg ram
12 gig hd
14.1" tft

It's not an incompatibility with my laptop, i think my desktop. I had some problems installing windows xp pro devilsown, but i thought the problems were because devilsown copied some files from corp and put it into pro causing an error. I know a lot of people with devilsown who had major problems with it.

Does win 2k server have the same clustering capabilities that win 2k adv server have?

First your problem is you have a compaq what are you stupid? lol jk man dude try out Windows 2000 Server Family and see if it fits your needs.

Does Windows 2000 server have clustering capabilities? I really want to learn how to do load balancing!!

Isn't windows 2k adv serv part of da windows 2k server family? Notice it has server in its title.

What laptops do you think are good? Next year, i'm thinking of getting a new laptop (if they have banias tablet pcs/laptops) out. You know, that asus tablet pc/laptop, it's a laptop, then you turn the monitor and it's a tablet pc. SO DAMN SWEET!! Well... if i'm looking for a tablet pc, it'd be limited to screen size and tablet pc functionality, i guess.

At least try to install it. (Windows 2000 Server)

Now like I said Server doesn't need all the hardware requirements like Windows Advanced Server. Advenced Server SUCKS OK! SUCKS! sucks sucks sucks try Server please you will save me a headache.

About Labtop there are no perfect and good labtops it's how you use them.

Ok ok... i'll burn server later tonight and install tomorrow.

And about the laptops... dell's inspiron series (some) have palm rests!! That's killer!! And, in laptops, the most important part is the case.
My dream laptop case:
15" UXGA (i think that the best technology, but uhh, the best LCD technology out there)
1 type III PC Card slot
NO CDROM!! (in the replicator port and external one)
NO FLOPPY!! (in the replicator port and external one)
BUILT IN MP3 PLAYER!! (alienware laptops have that!)
SleEk case made outta TiTanium...

Basically... Apple Powerbook running windows

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