We have a computer that starts up reaches XP Logon and starts over, sometimes it will just hang for seconds to minutes and then restarts. I have tried replacing the kernal32.dll as suggested from Microsoft. I have not tried a OS repair hope I don't have to. I have 3 other calls with same problem. Is this a virus??

Thank you

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That behaviour could be caused by a few things, including software corruption, faulty hardware, and yes- viruses or spyware.

- Can you start up correctly in safe mode?

- Can any of the other 3 computers you've received calls about start in safe mode?

If so, start looking from there. Also, if you can at least boot into safe mode you should immediately check for viruses and spyware. Read through the threads in our Security forum to learn where to get and how to use Ad Aware, SpyBot, CWShredder, Hijackthis, and some of the other useful (and free) spyware detection and removal tools.

If you can't even boot in safe mode, try booting into the Recovery Console from you install CD and see if you rescue things from there.

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