Last night after I try to restart my computer because I leave it on all the time. I get a blue screen and then this.

Checking file system in C:
CHKDSK is verifying files
Verifying indexes 1 of 5
Verifying scriptors
Verifying USN journal

I missed to get the rest of the screen....
My computer is acting crazy latly.
Shuts it's self off and has slowed down a lot.

It's a Dell Demension 3000 and only about 2 years old.

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Have you ran any virus checks? spyware checking software?

Yeah I run them regularly and they never find anything.


in general the main reasons why a laptop would shut itself down is either malware or possibly the overheating.

Overheating is caused by a failure with the fan or whatever internal cooling device your laptop may be using. The system shuts itself down to prevent any further damage.

If you have winxp first try a system restore to an earlier date. Then do another virus and spyware check.

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