Pretty straightforward question:

Which third party password management application for XP do you use?

Assuming you use one at all, and if not I'm interested in knowing why not.

I'm kind of interested in discovering if AI RoboForm is still king of the heap as far as Joe User is concerned.

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Surely you don't use one password for every app, every website, every online service? You do know the huge security risk that opens up? If that single password ever got compromised so does your entire online life.


I only use daniweb online and hotmail. So in total I have three passwords. One to log into my pc and one for daniweb, oh and one for my hotmail.

That's three passwords all the same. One password.

Is that bad?:sad:

Btw you can't see my password for daniweb can you? Doh!


I can reset your password, but not see the existing one, so you are safe there.

In your case I guess the danger is minimal, but as soon as you add stuff like online banking, paypal, eBay etc then it becomes a whole new ballgame of risk.

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