Hello Folks, I listed this problem before but was never answered. I have new info though. Ok, building a P4 2.8GHz CPU with a asus board P4S800D, 80gb hd, 512mb RAM, Radeon 9600SE vid card, CDRW dvd lite on, antec case with 350 watt power supply.
Ok, When I use the 80gig drive with XP installed, it does not cold boot. I have to restart it and then it takes a long time but it will load XP and works fine. It always takes a long time to post and hardware check but on cold boot with the 80gb hd it will go through and then give this message
" Reboot and go into setup to set boot device priority or Insert Boot Disk and press any key"
This is a real annoying problem but I do notice that the HD light does not light up until after restart when it will load. Otherwise from cold boot no activity.
Also, I have XP installed on a 2GB HD and it will load XP from cold boot but still takes a long time.
Searching post and google has lead me to believe it is a power issue of some sort or maybe a jumper issue or something else.
Please Help, I really need this quick.
Thank You,

How are the cables connected? How is the drive jumpered?

If you're using an 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable, make sure the blue end is plugged into the motherboard. That should speed things up.

Does the BIOS even detect the hard drive? It sounds like it's not...

can someone help me my windows xp wont boot properly

i cant acces safe mode nor does the last good config work

The cold boot problem may be a bad power supply.
I wonder about the boot device priority issue. What, exactly have you set it for? If it doesn't stick, you gotta' wonder about the CMOS battery.
If you can't get to Safe Mode or Last Known, you should seriously consider a fresh install or a Repair install.

is the jumper setting on the hard drive on the master setting.
also once you have laoded xp on the pc and its all done make sure you set the bios to boot from the hard drive and not the cd rom drive