This is 1 of my members posts! its very strange how his mother is experiencing this, i dont know what to suggest..
i thought maybe a worm virus is to blame!

can anyone shed light on this?

My mothers brand new computer has top-of-the-line specs. I'm somewhat of a computer guru, and I'm actually getting my A+ exam this summer, so I know a thing or two about PCs.

Her problem is this: The PC is running Windows XP, and 'lags' whenever she loads a program, or moves a window... like if she's playing solitare, or typing in notepad, the computer lags a whole lot.

We restored her PC, we downloaded patches, we updated drivers, we even configuared the PC so that the XP interface was more like 98, but still... no change

What is this weird 'lag' ??

thanks for any help

It can be a couple of things. Did it do this since the machine was first bought? That would help decipher whether it's a virus-like symptom or actual hardware such as bad RAM perhaps.

I agree with what Dani is alluding too- if it had this problem "right out of the box", you may have a diffective or misconfigured machine.

Check Task Manager to see what applications and processes you have running, and see if you can determine if any of those might be "hogging" system resources. You may also have services running which you don't even need; disabling those can speed up your system (and also make it more secure).

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