Hi All (windows xp pro Genuine,1024 ram,AMD Athlon 64 3200 unclocked,Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA Socket AM2 mobo 20 gig main drive) I have tried to install a sata drive(160gb Samsung) which proved a little tricky having not turned off the raid function in the bios but i thought it was all ok as computer was running ok last night I tried to use norton ghost to migrate from 20gig drive to new sata 160gb ghost asked all the usual questions which drive, where, ect ect it was about to begin migration and ghost informed me that the program had encountered a internal error and closed the program it was late so i switched computer off with the intention of sorting it today however computer will not start not even into bios i have tried clearing the bios no joy i have taken the computer back to bare bones (removed sata etc etc) nothing, on one restart i did hear 5 or 6 beeps (more likely 6) which would indicate a cpu problem is this possible any other advice will be greatly recieved Regards Chrisd2211 :twisted:

i did hear 5 or 6 beeps (more likely 6) :twisted:

Is it still beeping? Please post the exact number of beeps and the time between them.
It could be your CPU, but I doubt it. Ghost warned you for an internal error, if it was your cpu the computer would have just died. Or maybe it is your CPU and it's just a coincedence.

Regards Niek

I have no further beeps at all not even 1

Well then it's your Mobo or CPU I guess.

You should repost in the 'troubleshooting dead machines' forum. Perhaps someone there can help you with your problem..

Regards Niek

Thanks for your response ill try to repost