My brother just got a new Toshiba computer with Windows Vista. I am on a older Compaq computer with Windows ME.

We have a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband router that we're trying to use with my DSL modem to connect my brother to the internet on his notebook.

The notebook can detect the router but he just cannot connect to the internet. What can we do to get him connected?

Have you tried running the Wireless connection wizard?

It might be that it thinks the router is not connected to the internet.

does the router work at all? can any one of the computers access internet? do you have DNS addresses set up?

The router works and I have tried a bunch of different things. But I don't think I have a DNS address set up. Could someone help me do that or just take me step-by-step on how to get an internet connection wirelessly using the Linksys Wireless-G broadband router?

setting up dns is simple, it's in the tcp/ip configuration, in your local area connection properties
you can ask your ISP for the addresses

He took it to BestBuy and they got it working and he wa son the internet in fact earlier today but now we're having trouble getting back online.

Okay, so nowthe main problem for him is that when he is sitting next to the computer and the router with his laptop he can get a good signal and surf the internet, however, when he leaves the area, he loses the signal, how can I improve this so he can get a good signal throughout the house?

it's all up to the walls and their configuration. where I work, most walls are plaster, so the access point pretty much hits everywhere. but if I go to the first floor, no laptop can even see the AP.

you can try using a different wireless card, but my guess is - you just have too many walls between the router and the PC

Well, he says when he just walks toward the door here the signal will get weaker and disconnect. He also said that when it was first repaired, he couldget an internet connection in a different room without any problems for two days.

then there's probably something wrong with the wifi card

How could there be something wrong with the WiFi card when he can surf the internet everytime he sits next to the computer? Could the signal coming from therouter be too weak for him to pick it up elsewhere? Can I make the signal stronger somehow?

usually it's the card that's too weak. can be the router as well, but not quite likely

Well, we've still had no luck at all with this. In fact, when he could browse the internet just by sitting at the table behind me, now he can't do that anymore. And when I go into the Network and Sharing Center, there is a red X between the router and the Internet. When I click on the X to identify the problem, it says that "There may be a problem with the Domain Name Server (DNS). Windows attempted to find the well known host using DNS. The server responded that the name was unknown."

The notebook can still connect to the router, but, it just cannot connect to the internet. Why?

If you need more information about what I have here I have SBC Yahoo DSL service, a Speedstream 5100 modem, and the Toshiba is a Satellite laptop.