Hello there

Recently i bought o.s windows vista,i had on my computer XP home ,my computer hardware is compatible to the requirements of Microsoft.
But when installing the o.s vista in the final stage is getting stuck, or when I succeed finishing the installation it doesn't load.
Can you please advise what to do?

Could be the RAM, the HD size or even the motherboard. There are minimun requirements for Vista but my experience has been that you need about double what they recommend to run it properly. I have loaded Vista on a P4, 100HD, 1GBRAM with no issues, Vista on a P4, 80HD, 768RAM with motherboard issues, and a P3 with 40HD, 512RAM and it ran but slow as.......
What are you running it on?

Also try booting from the cd and start the installation there (if that's what you haven't beeen doing), and if you have, then start from inside windows XP home (if you get what I'm saying).
You never know, these things work funny.