Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is a mighty paradox. On the one hand, it's more robust and feature-rich than any of its predecessors. For the most part, it's also more secure and is immune to many pretty sophisticated takedown attempts. But it's got one nasty Achilles' Heel, which'll enable you to crash the OS in under 10 seconds.

One of the simplest command sequences you can think of will take Vista down completely.
Hold down the Windows key and the letter "E" for 10 seconds or so.The next thing you know, Windows Vista is going berserk. I tried it a while ago and it was so annoying that I had to shut down the PC manually.

can you not just hold the power button for 5 seconds??? plus , why do you wana crash it as surely that wont work if the os has frozen?

o well maybe im wrong :D

It did not crash my machine. I think my machine can withstand that probably due to high resources.

why would you want to crash your computer?

i tried that the minute i read this, and you know what happened?

like 100-200 My Computer screen opened up, and after 10 seconds, it kept opening up, i just clicked X on one of them and a screen came up and said Windows Explore encountered an error and needs to restart, it closed and all the computer screens except my broswer closed. and explore restart and my computer is working just like it has before.

Windows has a shortcut to open windows explorer which is <winows> and the <e> key. If you continue to hold them down then thew system will continue to open explorer.


this doesnt even work? haha what are you trying to do