:rolleyes: when I click on "azerus" in <start><all programs> and when I click on it in <Start><control panel><add or remove...>I get the same error message,so I can't use it or delete it??? Thank You

Try uninstalling it in safe mode.

How do I do this?I'm somewhat new to computers and would need step by step directions.I have an "IBM_NETVISTA_2_"version"5.1.2600 sp2" and use "windowsXP pro",on a Linksys wireless router with a Kerio firewall(windows firewall disabled) Thank You

when you boot start hitting F8 till a screen comes up with thoption to start in safe mode.

Thanks for the advice TT4Titans, as I have the identicle program that i cannot uninstall either. I tried it in safe mode, but it didn't still work for me.

Any other suggestions? I have Windows Home XP with service pack 2.



Hi TT4Titans,

I encounter the same problem "couldn't load main case" with my Vuze. I did not shut down the computer properly while Vuze was still downloading. When I restart the computer, I ran it in safe mode. I still need to download but can't open Vuze. Can you please help me? Thank you very much.