Hey anyone know if it's possible to attach a file into the body of the message instead of up under the attachment bar? It was possible in outlook2000?

2nd Can you creat a view that you're confortable with and then set all folders to that view, I tried creating a defined view but I don't think thats what i wanted.

I appreciate any feedback.


Hey, with the first question......what type of attachment are you trying to put on the e-mail??? If it is a picture, just paste it in the e-mail, and if its a documetn of some sort like Word, why don't just copy and paste it into the e-mail. But if it is a mp3 or a a file that needs to be opened through a player or something then you might have to use the attachment area.

Your second question.....are your talking about the view in like an office program or windows explorer????

I have copied/paste the attachments in the email for all different types of files, but they jus tgo right into the attachment bar. when i want to copy a email I have to reattach the file for everyone i do. b efore in outlook2000 the attachment was in the body of the email so I copy the message with the attachment it was a lot easier.

The second question is also regarding outlook2003 I have a crap ton of sub folders and I se the view for 5 I don't want to do it for all them. I thought I could defined a view and set to all folders or something,.