Hi guys,

One of my users are having a problem with Word 2003 on a XP pro sp2 machine. Whether the user highlights a line of text in a document and clicks on bold every word in the document turns bold, whether its in the highlighted text or not.

I've had a look round and cant find anything to resolve this problem, its really got me slumped. I was wondering it might be a problem with the template?? I dont know much about how word uses the template (normal.dot is it??) but i dont know if i re-create this what else will be effected. Anyone else ever come across this problem??

edit: just to clairfy its not just bold but any other type of formatting, alligning etc.

Thanks for your time and any advice would be much appreciated


Had the same issue myself. Created a new normal 1 .doc which worked perfectly. Then re-named 'normal' as 'normal 2' and then re-named 'normal 1' as 'normal' replacing the original. Ensure 'Automatically update' is not ticked. End of issue.
Hope this helps.