hey all, after using my computer for awile, in particular Xnews (a newsgroup program) my internet performance just plain craps out. Loading pages is painfully slow, xnews slows to abnormaly slow speeds and downloads slow to a crawl. This is a new issue and normaly my computer runs fine. After closing down all programs this problem still occures. After checking the Taskmanager i noticed that Network Utilization is at average 5% spiking from about 3 to 5, normaly it would be at 0.

Actions Taken:
Other than restarting, a solution i have disovered (after trial and error) is to stop the process called svhost.exe (the one with the higest mem usage). This seems to fix the problem idefinatly (network util goes back to 0). I have run Norton Antivirus 2004 and no viruses have been detected, just a few spywares that could not be deleted. I run a tight ship of a computer so i dont think its a newbie problem :). With that said any help would be apreciated. Thankyou.

Cable Connection

Are you running and using Spyware/Malware detection and removal tools on that system? AntiVirus is not enough.

Check out the suggestions in the "Helping Yourself" topic in the security forum section for advice regarding suitable software tools.

Dates... dates... there is a reasonable chance that the OP is dead by now... :)

Happy, you jus gotta close off some of these ancient threads.. :)

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