I have a toshiba satelite 300 and same problem.I cleaned the fan-didn't work.I hooked it up to an external screen and the other screen works and then about 5 minutes has lines running up and down the screen but the picture is gone what does this mean?.i uninstalled and reinstalled drivers nothing!yes my computer sometimes overheats but then the whole laptop shuts down this isn't the case.

if your screen is going black WITH the ac adapter plugged in, and it doesnt got black when the ac adapter is not plugged in... go to your power settings and adjust the brightness of the screen for when its plugged in. You put the brightness setting lower than the brightness setting for when your laptop is not plugged in... after i did that, it worked fine. but its probably a warning sign that you need a new laptop...

You just did two things that should not be done

1) Revive a dead thread although it is still not a year old
2) Your advise was atrocious. Did you read it before you post reply, it is totally useless.

Laptop screen keep turning black but not off does not mean you need a new laptop. Just buy some new parts and replace the faulty hardware and you have a laptop as good as new.

Hi, I am having the same problem on my msi laptop, but it doesn't freeze, and it's not because of overheating, it sometimes happens in just 5 seconds after turning it on. Did you figure it out? i think my monitor is screwed...

Could be a monitor problem, video card or an inverter problem. You have to get a spare external monitor and test it out.

I have a Toshiba satellite, it is doing the same thing. I have hooked up another monitor and set it as the main screen and it goes blank also. When I set the extra screen to share it stays on. Q: does Toshiba program this to make us want to buy a new one? please help.

Q: does Toshiba program this to make us want to buy a new one? please help.

yup,you figured it out ,not many do they just keep trying tho fix the old one , if you need help finding a great price on the new one just ask .


hey i just got the same problem its not the heat the first time it happens but it turn on again and it said a screen program stucked and reopened succesful but now it just shut down and the whole laptop stucks but still on and need to press the power button for 5 sec to close it and then open it taht happens when i am playing a game i think is the program any idias to fix it?

I have the same problem on a dell and the keyboared still makes a noise never had a problem before and my dads ( also a dell. ) still workes fine on the same modem and wifi.

hi friends i am also getting the same problem (moniter getting black all of a sudden) my laptop is HP pavillion dv6-1111AU. what to do to resolve this problem please help me out of this problem

I have hooked up an external monitor when it happens and I have instant video to the external monitor. I then restart the laptop with the external monitor still connected and when it restarts I have video on both displays. I suspect it is a virus or something jacked with the latest version of flash. It does seem to co-occur during periods of playing video from yahoo or you tube. I even started using Firefox instead of IE and it happened with that browser. I am going to try safari to see if the same thing happens. My computer is an HP something or other.

hallo there its the problem in the LCD drive circuit as depending in the oscillation,check the smt ic and the mini ferite high output tx,it will be rectified or else you may contact me.

The same thing happened to my laptop, it's a Toshiba something, but we hooked it up to a computer monitor and were able to use the laptop through a different computer monitor. However, my screen just started working by itself again. Any ideas about why it started working again?

it just needed a rest ,i guess

there is a sloution rather a bad soloution,,,,,,its my problm 2,,,,i have set in cntrol panel to stand by when i press power button,,,,i press power button button nd got to stand by,,,,,,then press it again my computer is again on with working screen(not black),,,,,,,,,,,,,soloution but a bad one,,,,,,,,

there is a sloution rather a bad soloution,,,,,,its my problm 2,,,,i have set in cntrol panel to stand by when i press power button,,,,i press power button button nd got to stand by,,,,,,then press it again my computer is again on with working screen(not black),,,,,,,,,,,,,soloution but a bad one,,,,,,,,

no, a bad one would be a dead monitor ,needing to be replaced ,

I find it odd that all post in this thread are people with only 1 post on daniweb ,weird

Hi, I have the same problem with my screen, I can still see the what is happening with the use of a torch although not a practical idea.
The only thing that seems to work is to slam the screen shut numerous times unti it comes back on again.
I have tried all the power saver buttons etc. Running on full power, with no screen saver and works until I switch off. On re start I have to slam the screen shut afew times then it stays on all day.
Curious I know have tried the microsoft Hive cleaner, numerous anti virus prog's to no avail. Just haveto keep slamming shut I presume.Thanks for answers from other guys & gals

Forgot to mention, laptop is Toshiba M70, about 7 years old no probs till now.

lol ,that's a good one ,slam the screen shut ! its a laptop not a car with a stuck door .
slamming it will eventually break it completely , it need to be taken apart ans checked for bad connection

I found the slamming of the screen shut on another site & it worked after looking everywhere for answers, when slamming it shut it is only a gentle slam but quite a few.
What is strange that it will re-start without a problem, but with power off it will not light up without slamming. I have also tried another screen but it does not transfer

I have another problem with an Acer ZG5 netbook if anyone can help please.
Everthing went blank yesterday. can switch on but will not go past F2 or F12.
the recovery disc will not work.
Any ideas anyone before I slam this one (into the wall)the way its going. bring back the abacas & the quill pen I say.
thanks in anticipation.

I have noticed a couple of comments saying that people only seem to be making 1 post.
How I would love to be able to post more especially answers but, I am so old fashioned I just do not have a clue how computers work, it takes me all my time to play solitaire, can take them to bits and put them back together thats about all. I am still a firm believer in the power of Pen & Paper for my calculations.

i have a compaq computer and i can get it to run for a few days and then the computer screen will go black the light stays on but i dont get a picture... what ive done to get it running is kept turning off and on and ive tried takeing out the battery the battery that is in the laptop ik is bad could that be a reason why??? i would really like some help i hate when im in the middle of something and the screen goes black v.v

No gamer here. Dang junker is only 2 years old. I just bought a crapy HP. Wish I had a cheap wal mart brand. Beats HP by far.

Hi, I see this thread is pretty old, but while looking for solutions, I stumbled upon it. I currently have this problem! Yes, it is so irritating! Mine is also a Toshiba (pile of crap if I may say so), but should be more than adequate for myself as I am no gamer, just use it for browsing the web and emailing, etc.). Anyway, recently it has been doing the black-screen thing. it stared a few days ago. It was very hot and so I tried leaving it off overnight, and then it seemed to be ok again. But soon enough it was back to the black-screen again! When it does this, as other people have said here, it doesn't shut down - I can still hear the fan going and it is still running, just no screen is on! I too, have to hold the power button down to turn it off, then wait, turn it back on and I get the options: Start Windows normally or some other mode. Mine is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L730-11Z. Anyway, yesterday I took it in to Titan PCs and they did a diagnostic and confirmed (as I thought) it was the fan being dusty and caked in coffee (from spills he-he yuk) and so they replaced the fan, told me it had been sat with them for the past 2.5 hours and happy as can be, no black-screening and no over-heating. So, they charged me £60, and I took it home. Back at home, the fan is not making the struggling noise it was, it is not getting hot like it was (it was very hot before) but.............it is still black-screening!!!!!!!!!! At a loss here :/ PS) I have just tried what Tobas 2 said, so we'll see, if no change, back to Titan tomorrow!

excellent, my ass was saved by the help below. i worked fine for me and my screen never turns

off again afterwards

Ey I think that I have the soulution :) and sorry for my bad english but I'm mexican :P.
I had the same problem with the same notebook.
You need to do this.

Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options.
from there it doesn't matter which plan you pick (Balanced, Power Saver, High Performance). choose one and click Change Plan Settings, then Change Advanced Power Settings.
Under Procecessor Power Management, make sure the Minimum and Maximum settings are at 100%.

After this, your notebook are going to run like a dream :D.

I wish this help you :).

Please tell me if help you =). Good look.

I have the exact same problem with my HP computer. The screen goes black every 2 seconds, but when i unplug the monitor cable (the one that connects the computer to the monitor) and then replug it, the screen goes back to normal, then after 2 seconds goes black again. This has happened in the past a couple of times and i rebooted the computer and reinstalled it and the computer was back to normal, but after a few years the same problem happened. I'm sick and tires of it and have gone to computer repair shops multiple times and yet this problem is still continuous. It's my only good computer. All of the other computers are really old and slow and you can't really do much with them. The HP computer is still pretty old though. Its windows xp. Im not sure but i think the computer is about 10 years old. I don't really know what to do. Onc i cleaned the computer with a vacume cleaner and it all of a sudden started working and was back to normal. It's just such a confusing problem. Is there an easy way to fix it that will definitely fix this problem for good? or do i just need to throw this computer away?

whoops... so many typos...

If you have one, try a different monitor. If you don't have a spare monitor see if you can borrow one for a day or 2.

What exactly have the repair shop done to your computer?

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