I keep going from forum to forum, windows support site to windows support site. This problem is not that simple - at least for me. When my screen goes black, it may either stay off (until I press the shortcut key on my laptop that toggles between "disconnect projector" or "computer only"/"duplicate"/"extend"/"projector only"), or come right back on, but either way, it thinks it detects some external monitor. Of course I don't have an extra monitor, and even if I have my computer plugged into my TV, the screen on the tv will go black just as randomly as well. When I have anything up in my browser that uses flash, the flash plugin crashes immediately after (some of) the black screens.

I've tried going to graphics properties/options to set the default monitor to the generic pnp monitor, which is the built-in display. I've left my computer off for hours, turned it on and it still goes through these issues immediately (so it's not the fan). I found some advice that it could be that my brightness is set too high. No, that doesn't fix it either. I tried changing the power saving modes, nope. I went to Windows Mobility Center, and disconnected monitor. That works momentarily, but then it keeps going back. I went into Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution >> Advanced Settings >> Monitor tab >> then it shows my built-in display (Generic PnP Monitor), and depending on the troubleshooting I was doing before hand, it will also show the mysterious invisible Generic non-PnP Monitor. If I click on the non-PnP one, then properties, then I click on the driver tab, I will see the button that says disable. I would've jumped for joy had it worked, but the program immediately stopped responding when I clicked it. Task manager here I come... After ending that task, I'm out of options. Someone, with all this imformation, I'm sure SOMEONE could have an answer. Anyone?

Perhaps if you told us what laptop you have and what version of windows is on it we might be able to help!

Just a small note about laptops. Using them an your lap is often quite bad for laptops, as well as most fabric or similar soft type surfaces that could obstruct ventilation. Also, many laptops are not best suited to 'heavy' gaming because of the simple cooling system they have. As many have found, the display is often the first cry for help. In the majority of laptops heat extraction for the motherboard video chipset is linked into the CPU's heat extraction pipes. However, some laptops don't have any heat extraction methods at all for the video chipset.

My advice would be to only use your laptop on a solid surface.

If the laptop can get video with a external monitor then the problem is the screen or the inverter board. 9 of 10 times the screen is bad. Often the computer will not boot to external monitor and the screen is bad. Dim display is bad screen.

I have the same problem (!) with an old Dell laptop from around 2004/5. My guess upon reading the posts is that the problem may be leaving the computer on almost indefinately (usually not putting it in standby). However, when the screen blacks out, it comes back on if I restart the computer. I'll try turning the computer off more.

Some overlooked possibilities:

Power saver mode - turns off the screen lamp when you have not keyboarded or moused within a set time (e.g. while watching a long video?).

Power saver sleep mode - puts the laptop into sleep mode after not being moused or keyboarded for a set time. Hit the power save button or the spacebar (exact key depends on manufacturer) to restart normal operation without a reboot.

The lamp is failing. There is a cold cathode flurorescent lamp in the back of your screen. They do go bad and need replacing after about 6500 starts. The pwoer saver mode makes the lamp fail earlier by using up more starts.

I had the same problem today but after turning laptop off, it does not start now. my laptop is dell inspiron N 1510

my dell laptop screen is gone black while using sometime

My cousin had this issue once. He was playing minecraft one day then cablam!!! The screen is black. Knowing that i'm good with computers he plops the computer on my lap. This computer was running vista and was preety old, but wasn't really that slow. I restarted the computer then did a virus check. Then my cousin says "Something might be wrong with the hardware, the screen my have a weak connection." I'm just thinking in my head 'Readdly dude? I dought it.' But I was nice and I said ok I'll check. So I ripped apart the computer and it turns out that everything was connected properly. So I put the computer back together and then I look for updates and there wasn't software updates. but I looked at his device drivers and all his graphic drivers were severly out-of-date. So I updaated it and it was fine. The only thing is that his computer is just a bit younger then yours.

I have the same problem that yet needs fixed. I turned off my laptop by clicking the off with the mouse, I was running behind schedule so I closed my laptop while my win 8 samsung/not touch or flip, while it was still turning off. I then put it in my backpack and came to realized that my laptop never turned off and over heated pretty bad. Whenever I try to turn it on, everything up to trying to log in will work. Like I can sign into my laptop, but the window panel/desktop/nothing will work. Except my mouse.you can see it only move. Ive tried taking battery out/using a monitor. Havnt opened It up yet though.r

Ive a n Acer aspire 5720 with the black screen problem.
It's not an over- heat problem, mine sometimes does it on first boot up.
It's not a settings problem because I've tried all those listed previously.
My own initial thoughts were that it was a prob with the ribbon twix the screen and cpu but that seems to be sound ( wiggling it does not recreate the problem)
I can't make it fail on an external monitor BUT as the problem is a bit intermittent I can't be sure that it won't happen with a monitor!

The function F5 button pressed TWICE pulls the screen back on, though sometimes it goes black again in a few seconds, sometimes it stays ok for an hour!!
I can only think that it's a mischievous virus problem??

Just trying some new spyware and malware programmes on top of the AVAST I normally run.

I'll feed back any info


Oops meant F6 brings it back on not F5



I have a MSI ex630x laptop and had the same problem with the black screen (screen went randomly black).I just uninstalled new drivers for GPU (Nvidia Geforce 9100M G) and installed the old drivers that I got with my laptop.Problem is solved.No more black screen.

I'm having the same trouble, as you guys :'( i'm just a 1st year college student. and don't know what to do -__-

Im Bradley and i am having trouble with my toshiba c600 wiindows 7 laptop
when my child is going on Roblox the laptop screen goes permently off and then back on again my child was very upset when he had to get rid of his netbook so i shared my computer with him so he could do his roblox and it doesnt work
Please Fix my email is blitchfield@buckfieldit.onmicrosoft.com.

Hi it would seem that the Graphics chip inside your c600 either does not support the game or that your drivers may need to be updated.

Update all your software to the latest version (internet explorer, chrome) and make sure that your computer has the latest hardware drivers installed if that does not work then you should look at getting a computer that has hardware better suited to your needs.

Hi, i have the same problem (obviously). I have a samsung laptop and it was pretty expensive, I've only had it for 1 year i think.. A couple of weeks ago my screen went black, but all the lights (power and battery lighta) was on. After a couple of days resting and trying to turn it on, the laptop was fixed for £30. Today it happened again, and it is not over heating (nor was it last time). I really do not want to pay £30 again just to get help to turn it on, so if anyone have any tips on how to turn it on in the first place, that would help :)

And i cant take the battery out, becaus the laptop is so thin I would need someone to help me open it..

Need new laptop

I´ve stumbeled on this kind of problem just recently, started 3 days back, I see this is an old post but idk maybe someone is active on it, my screen goes black fully randomly, im not sure if this is a heat problem or what, but i have a total of 2 monitors, one of the laptop itself and the black screen only seems to be happening on my laptop monitor, the other one just stays normal and keeps working, but now the last time i noticed that also my keyboard stopped working, anyone have any idea how this is happening?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L870-16M With a I7 intel processor and a Radeon HD 7670M 8GB's ram running windows 8.1

I've been having this problem with my acer aspire 7741G for about a month now. The screen would go black at random times, and I know that it's definitely not going to sleep because I would click a couple of times (which usually works) but it doesn't turn on. The fans run at the same rate when it does go blank, and I've tried propping up the back to allow the ventilation to work, but it doesn't help. I've had this laptop for 5 years, it is my pride and joy, and it would be a shame to throw it out. Btw im running Windows 10

This thread has been dead for 8 years.

I do this sort of thing for a living, fixing PCs that have gone haywire. If you look up what a bad hard drive has for symptoms, you will suddenly say... THAT IT! Is the harddrive mechanically broken? Maybe, maybe not. I am actually working on one right now. Would sometimes last 10 minutes before locking up with a black screen but power still on, sometimes run non stop for days before it happens. But ultimately when it starts to happen it keeps happening. Over heating usually has some sort of BEEP or other indication of why its shutting down. This laptop did not have a beep, and likely people having problems are not having beeps.

about 3/4 of all the laptops i ever fixed with this issue, i simple ran checkdisk. Google how to make it run based on your operating system. Computer will restart and take a couple hours checking the phsyical structure itself of the hard drive. Then reboot. This laptop has now survived two days running nonstop, after running that.

Its probably the back light is going out. You will need to replace the lcd. Connect it to an external monitor and see if the monitor stays on when the backlight goes out.

commented: 8 years late? +0

hi im using my dell inspiron n5050 recently i had a bios complaint in my lap technician was rectified that problem after that when im connecting to powerboard for charging when switch "on" or "off" my lap screen was goes black after 2 sec then again immediately comes back waht is the problem please tell me
is it major complaint or minor

I know this thread is old, and after digging over internet about 4 years, i decided to give a reply.

It's not a backlight issue, and I doubt it's overheating since the blackscreen would just pop up without waiting outta nowhere when I played any webGL, java or flash games on chrome.

Mysteriously, heavy games that causes low fps runs almost an hour until i end it myself. Unity based also doesnt have any problem with it.

Mine is Toshiba Satellite L840, with windiws 7 sys32 together with amd.

I have tried several suggesstions such as updating drivers, clean dust, changing power settings, clean install, chckdsk cmd, and even plugging to ext monitor only to find out it's the same, with that ext monitor goes black too. etc

So after a few trials my temporary fix seems to be what mroj had suggested which is ''lowering plugged in brightness than unplugged brightness''. And yes, when i mean temp, it doesn't mean its actually fixed, but it is yet to gone black after few times i started my laptop. It could only mean it would stand much longer.

I may not know the scientific explanation guys but this works to me and all the people I knew who been through this.

  1. Be sure your place is cool, not too humid and not hot.
  2. If you live in Asia (like in Ph) or other hot countries and you don't have an AC, get an exremely good laptop fan. If none, you can always set up your things and table in a way that your house/electric fan can focus on you and the laptop's fan. (get your electric fan closer to your laptop)

Me and my friends are not good at these kind of stuff but we do think it's just because of the heat.

I would also try to uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver. After that blow out the inside with compressed aiir.

I would also try to uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver. After that blow out the inside with compressed aiir.

Similar useful things OP could try:

  • re-install windows 98
  • hook up a CRT monitor
  • try rebooting from a floppy
  • upgrade to a Voodoo 3 graphics card

    Or, if that didn't help, realize it's now 2017 and just give up and buy a new one.

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