First of all, great forums. I found it when I was searching for computer help.

The problem im facing is strange because its unclear whether it is a hardware or software fault.

OS: Windows 2000 SP2

Machine: Custom

Progs: Audiomulch, SynthEdit, Antares Filter, Antares Kantos, Simplefont 1.2 Trial, HijackThis

A 3cmlink.exe error box pops up whenever im loading a large image file, or an image-heavy website on the internet. While it doesnt happen all the time its fairly consistent.

The moment the error comes up downloads/pages stop loading, leaving me effectively disconnected(56k). I cannot reconnect to the internet without restarting my computer.

Any help would be appreciated

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Thats where Im done in, really. Custom PC. I guess Ill just have to get a new modem.

unless I can find somewhere to download the drivers from....

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