i have a linksys BEFSR41 etherfast dsl router and i am having trouble setuping up the network. I had intsalled on my computer but then explorer.exe messed up and i had to restore the system.
I can get to the last step where the computer and the modem are both connected to the router through the ethernet ports but then it says that it is not connecting and that i should turn off and then turn on my modem again but that does not work. could someone here tell me what i need to do.


i just recently forwarded and triggered my ports for emule, bit torrent, IRC, and ftp would this have any effect on me setting up the dsl network

Letting us know a few things would help:

- The name of your ISP

- Is the Linksys router acting as the DHCP server for the machins on your LAN?

- Once you did the restore, did you reverify/re-enter your TCP/IP settings as required by your ISP?

- You mentioned DSL; does your ISP require that you have PPoE or PPPoA software installed and configured? If so, is it?

- Can you ping the router by its IP? The BEFSR41 default IP is

- Can you ping other computers on your LAN either by their "computer" name or by their IP address?

- Can you ping sites on the Net by their IP or URL?

For example, open a DOS box and try the following commands. Let us know the results:

ping www.google.com
ping (Google's IP address)

right now my isp is verizon
my router does not act as a DHCP server for other machines
I let the ISP auto config the tcp/ip settings
ISP requires PPoE
i can ping the router
i can not ping other computers on the network
i can ping the net

i can not ping other computers on the network
i can ping the net

Are we talking about pinging the LAN computers by URL or computer ("NetBIOS") name, or by IP? Same question for sites you can ping on the Net.

can you just tell me some ways that i could set up my router it is becoming really frustrating

wat about the port forwarding and port triggering would that have any effect on my router setup