Hi guys,

I have a couple of questions. I reinstalled XP because of Vista not being able to start after a system restore undo (All I got was a black screen and the mouse everytime I started my computer, ALT+CTRL+DEL didn't do anything). Ok so now I have XP MCE2005 on my 200GB hard disk, and I don't want to install the Vista upgrade over it, but put it on another partition or hard disk. Now my question is, if I want to be able to dual boot XP MCE05 and Vista Ult. do I need to install XP on the partition/HD and then the Vista upgrade? Cus I bought the upgrade online, so I'm guessing as it is an UPGRADE I need to have XP installed first, right?
And the other question if I do want to do this, would it be better to have them both on the same HD (2 partitions on a 200GB HD) or to install upgrade to vista on the 200GB and then install XP on the second HD which I believe is... 80 gb... I can't remember.

Thanks in advance


Sry for the double post...
I added the 2nd hard disk and when I turned on the computer it didn't ask me from which one I wanted to boot, so I restarted it and went into the BIOS. I found that the BIOS had not detected the new hard disk yet, so I selected refresh, and still nothing. Yet when I opened windows explorer I saw that it has detected the hard drive, and I can browse it (except my documents; it says access denied). How can I get the BIOS to detect the new hard drive? Do I need to change wires in the computer or what?