On boot up my comp doesn't recognise my 'D' drive. :cry: I have two Hard drives. One of which is partiotioned making the hard drive into two (C,E) The second hard drive is 'D' This has happened before and usually I just reboot the system and all is ok, but not this time. Can you help me to resolve this? I'm using WinXP Pro with 1GB mem, Pent 4.0, 3.0Ghz.


Right-click on My Computer, go to Manage->Disk Management. Does the drive show up at all in the Disk Management window? If so, what information does DM have to offer about the drive (capacity, partition type, etc.)?

I have the same problem, did a reinstallation, only formated the first hard drive & left the second. Now the second is not on the windows directory but on disk management, with the first partition recognised only & the status as healthy(active) is there any way of getting the partitions back or the information inside?

Neither does it have a drive letter assigned.

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