I am desperatelty in need of some help here. I had downloaded the DirectX SDK from MSDN library. But whenever i tried to run the downloaded exe file i was given the following message:

WinZip Self-Extractor header corrupt.Possible cause: bad file or file transfer error

Then i downloaded the DirectX SDK several times again. But the same error message when trying to install it. NOw, i think the problem is with self-extraction not with the file i downloaded. Then i uninstalled my winzip. After that, i went to winzip's home page and downloaded the installer of the winzip 9.0 and winzip self-extractor 2.2 additionaly. I have installed winzip self-extractor successfully but guess what when i try to install the same winzip 9.0 then I get the same error message:mad: . Some one pls help me out. :sad:

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Nah, just download it again, because it's most likely you've suffered a corrupted download because of some line interference.

If Microsoft itself is distributing an infected DirectX we might as well all go back to pens, paper and adding machine :p

Dude, Did I ever claim that "Microsoft itself is distributing an infected DirectX "?
The thing is that,after getting that "message" i came to know that my computer might have been infected with CIH virus. Indeed, i found CIH infecting about 90% of my EXE files as I ran anti-virus softwares. I had a tough time removing that CIH bcos it infected even the boot sector and now that I am writing this post is after "A lot of hard work". And that error was not any disk error or file transfer error either. It was bcos CIH was steadily eating up and corrupting data files in my computer. I can say that for sure bcos i have found previously downloaded (which worked fine the first time) files to be not working (some of them gave the same error message) too.

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