Well i'm new on here. Well i have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV laptop. I bought it used from my uncle for a good price. Well i'm runnin' Window XP Pro on the laptop, the major programmings i have installed on the laptop is PhotoShop CS2, Microsoft Office, Bernina Embroidary software (it's my dad's program), iTunes, Musicmatch, PSP Video 9, and some misc DVD programs, and other stuff.
Now that i've given you the background of my laptop, now for the problem: Lately noticed that the laptop has been lagging up, my friend suggested that i run Window Washer, and i have been which has been freeing up some uneeded memory. And i have Webroot Spy Sweeper, and AVG Virus and Spyware software to scan the computer of spyware, and virus and trojans.
I just read on a site about heat could lag up the laptop, but i've been planning on buying a laptop fann thingy to help cool the laptop better.
Is that even true??
What do you think could be lagging up my laptop??
Any help would be appreicated.

What do you think could be lagging up my laptop??

Software. It always is :) How old is your XP-install? (when was the last format).
All the stuff you've just installed (AVG etc) is also slowing your computer down.
I recommend going to controlpanel->software and just remove all the programs that you are not using.
Things like Messenger, quicktime, realplayer are automaticly started when Windows starts. Try altering there option so they won't.

If nothing of this helps, try reposting in the Viruses,Spyware and other nasties forum with a Hijackthis-log.

Regards Niek

I will give that a try.
I don't think that my laptop has been hacked at all, i run spy sweeper, and virus scan almost once a week and i run Window Washer everytime i shut down my laptop.
On guy i talked to today at work, said it could be that my 512MB DDR SDRAM isn't enough, and that i can stick another 512 on my laptop.
It says i can expand it to 1024 MB.