Okay. I have windows version 2000, Service pack 4. Custom built computer. Last few programs are...well Hijackthis and a spanish version of kazaalite, and then an english one, but just gave up on kazaalite...Hasn't changed...

I wonder if i have to put all of that ^^^ in every thread i make where i need help...oh well.

My problem is that I have Winamp 5.03 and i go to winamp.com to download skins. Well when I click to download the skin, I either get a page full of jibberish, or if I right click and "Save target as..." and put it under Winamp folder's skin sections, the file I'm downloading saves as 'details.php' and I've even tried out downloading different skins and they too show up as 'details.php'. I've downloaded skins before...that was like about a month ago...and 'Save target as.." usually solved my problem...

Please help me get new skins? ^.^

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What browser are you doing this in? It looks like your browser isn't correctly recognizing the file type of the download. If you could provide us with that information, we could probably provide more information on how to change that behaviour.


I use Mozilla, but before I used Mozilla too, and they downloaded...that's the thing.


okay...with no assistance from here, or word of research on my problem...I managed to figure it out. I went to other skin sites, right clicked, and "Save target as.." and most showed ".zip" or ".php" but they were named after the skin, i just changed it to ".wsz" the format they should be under. I think wimamp has some messed up links.

But I figured it out. Someone explained to me the ".php" was basically just another name for a webpage format...and yeah.

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