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Found an answer to this problem that people are having on another web site (sorry can not find the web page now)

It apprears to happen with mainly with Netscape/Mozilla.

Microsoft asserts in the knowledge base Article(295803), that the only fix is to switch back the default to IE.

I used the fix below - seems to work well will windows xp.

The simple fix is to go to File Types Menu (Open any Folder, Pick Tools/Folder Options/File Types)

Scroll down to find the "URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol" under the "{NONE}" extensions. You should already have a firefox logo (or netscape logo next to it)
Under the details section hit the advanced tab. select the 'open' function and hit the 'edit...' button. Then deselect the 'use DDE' checkbox. Then hit the OK button two times. This will put you back in the File Types Screen. None Find the "URL: Secure HyperText Transfer Proctol". Go an deselect DDE again as you did before.

The web site I found this on suggested changing all of the file type that begin with "URL: ....", but I only changed the two above.

I had to do the the deselts twice until it took (Windows automatically reselts the DDE setting by itself).

Now I do not get error message any more

Hope this helps. Good Luck

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