I just finished downloading Adobe 7.0, which also included their photo ablbum 2.0 much to my surprise. What I'm about to ask may be a dumb question, but this download took two and a half hours and I just want to make sure I don't do something that I'm going to regret. After I finished the installation I was left with four icons, two for each part, one part of each of these is for installing, is there any reason not to delete these?

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dcc, if you spent 2 1/2 hours dowloading something, surely the sensible thing to do is to copy it to CD before deleting ANYTHING?


Hey Catweazle...this computer was given to me and is five years old, and it came without a modem or a CD burner. I was going to wait until I rebuilt it and in the process add a CD/DVD burner. :o

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