my browser, and i mean all of them... opera, netscape, msn explorer or IE, all do the same exact thing.. they continue to tell me that i need the flash player plugin to view flash content.. i have dl the plugin 6 times in the last 3 days.. i am getting so annoyed.. can anyone tell me why my browsers are not recognizing that i already have the plugin?

This may sound silly. But I will ask anyhow. You say you downloaded it. Have you installed it as well?

For some reason the flash plugin for IE is saved with temporary internet files. Everytime I clear my cache of temps, I have to reinstall the flash plugin. Do you have IE preferences set to delete temp internet files upon browser shutdown?

yes, i install it.. you almost have to because in order to download it you have to click on that little button "install now" on the flash download page.. :P

i think my comp does clean the temp files, in fact, i am sure it does.. that is prob the problem.. i'll give that a shot.. :)

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