Is dis gonna affect the effectiveness of the rest?

It should be OK; not all of the .dlls listed in antioed's solution will be present on every Windows installation. In the particular case of msjava.dll, if you have Sun's version of Java installed (instead of Microsoft's), msjava.dll probably isn't registered on your system.

Many hours i have searched & searched to fix this. I have to go back an unpost what i just posted somewhere on this site a few minutes ago!

If previos suggestions aren't getting the link window to open...find you original cd and follow the suggestions below. Allow the computer to reboot as it suggests. jp,

Fix links that won't open in new browser

Symptom sounds similar to this...

I am unable to open any links in a new window. A link will open in the same window, i.e., the page will change to the linked page, but when trying to open in a new window, a browser pops up, it is kind of see through, and it never opens to that page....

This has been a common problem with IE6 on Win98. The usual fix is to restore the oleaut32.dll from the Win98 cab files using the System File Checker:

Using System File Checker to extract files

1. Go to Start>Run and enter SFC and click OK
2. Check "Extract one File"
3. Enter the file name (oleaut.dll)and click on "Start"
4. In the "Restore from" field enter:: D:\WIN98 [if 'D' is not the letter of your CD-Rom drive, modify appropriately]
5. Click OK

[if you do not have a Windows system CD, try subsitituting c:\windows\options\cabs in the"restore from field"](however, depending on how the os was installed, these may be blank and you will still need the CD)

Thanks, fix my problem. Was exactly as you described.

I have that same problem, it happened after I installed an add software,
I un installed that software, and then installed IE6 three times with re install all components, tried all solutions on these 3 pages, I only get this message with run>regsvr32 Shell32.dll

shell32.dll was loaded, but the dllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
dllRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of Shell32.dll may be in memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it.

I tried run>pview, I got file not found, so I do not know what PView is

I used SFC to get a fresh copy of shell32.dll, reboot as needed still that problem exist.

I have IE 6.0.28 with Win98 SE.
The work around is copy shortcut then past in the new window's address box, click go, but some sites open a box to ask your agreement on something, this copy/Pase methode does not work specially when the opened window does not have adress bar to pase into, and I can not continue, Sometimes it is a page to pay with credit card or somethin so I can't Finish what I started, please if you have a solution, I appreciate your help


Hi Maged,

First of all- welcome to TechTalk! :)

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Sorry, and Thanks, I will

Sorry, and Thanks, I will

And I see that you have now. Thanks. :)

Wow - looks like this thread helped a lot of people! I dont' even remember how I found the info...glad it helped so many!

Wow - looks like this thread helped a lot of people!...glad it helped so many!

And so are we, antioed; thanks for the info. :)

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