I am using Win98.

I was having problems with invalid page faults, mostly in winsock32.dll, and program freezing, mostly but not only IE5.5 and Outlook Express 5. I eventually found a virus in winsock32.dll and ended up reformatting the hard drive. I thought that would be the end of it.

But, about 2 months after reinstalling Win98, the same sort of things have started to happen again (now with IE6 and Outlook Express 6). And some weird stuff:

One of the pdf files was changed to .pdB. When I openned a .pdf the system froze, and the task bar and desktop shortcuts disapeared. A few invalid page faults that shut down the programs. Weird sound. Sometimes slow; sometimes warbled - especially when playing streaming realplayer (v10). Probs playing CDs and DVDs. Clock has no AM/PM (been to regional settings).
Trouble finding smtp server, but could be the ISP.

If you have any ideas please email me. temple@SPAMidx.com.au

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