well I install windowsXP and have found i really hate it. It has crashed more times than any other windows version i have ever used! and now outlook will not start
anyway what programs are out there that can streamline XP for better running. I know alot of useless junk runs in the background.
personaly i think windows2000 is much better, and i like linux but it dont like my laptop(use linux on my desktop system)

Totalidea's TweakXP is nice (http://www.totalidea.com)
Microsoft's Powertoys for Windows XP with TweakUI

A really nice disk defragmenter is http://www.diskeeper.com
if you're not using it already for windows 2000
in fact, microsoft leased the diskeeper technology for win2k/xp meaning the windows built-in defragger is actually a stripped down version of this program

I guess it depends on the hardware it is running on...I have XP Pro installed and have left it on for over a month at a time...and it has all the drivers for the devices in my system, cept a scanner and dvd decoder board...

I use to agree with XP being buggy, but you know, once I clean my system up and reinstalled, it has worked like a charm. Personally, I too am still a favorite of 2000/2000 Server, but I find XP runs things so much nicer, and it a little slicker.

Althought I tend to turn off all the dazzle of XP, so windows looks like the windows I grew to like. Once I recovered from the drunken battered days of dealing with Windows 3.1!


yea once it gets cleaned up it runns great
i turn all the pretty crap off. most people dont realize how much that 'pretty' stuff takes up