Hi everyone,

I leave my computer on all of the time and woke up the other morning to the blinking cursor in the top left of a black screen. I have read several posts on the black screen of death.

I am running Windows XP pro on 2.2 Ghz PIV, 2.5 Gb Ram on an MSI 865PE Neo2. I have not installed anything recently and have been running the operating system for about 2 months with no problems.

-I have tried to boot from CD and still get the same problem.
-I have checked the battery and it appears to be ok since my system clock is still correct.
-I have unhooked the harddrive with XP and tried to boot from a different hard drive that has Windows 2000 installed but get the same result. My XP hard drive is a 250Gb SATA150 with 2 partitions.
-I have restored my BIOS to the default settings with the same result.
-I have removed all of my memory and tried different configurations.
-I have not uninstalled my video card (the only other device apart from my processor that is not integrated in the motherboard) as I can see the MSI boot screen that is normal.

After one normal boot beep, the intro screen appears and then I get a second beep which sends me to the BSOD. I am about 90% sure that I am running an AWARD bios which would indicate a RAM problem, but I can't remember if this second beep is normal or not...

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!

So you have tried one stick of memory at a time?Taking out one try to boot if not switch out leaving the one just used out and try the other?

Do you have a PCI or AGP adaptor?

Go into BIOS in advanced config somewhere it will let you set it to either PCI or AGP which ever you have set it to.

Also do you have integrated video on the motherboard other than the adaptor?

Yes, I tried one stick of memory at a time resulting in the same BSOD each time.

I disabled my LAN, USB, and sound card with no effect via the BIOS.

I have an AGP video card and my BIOS is set to priority AGP/PCI. I do not have integrated video on the motherboard.