Here is the problem, Hdd crashed and burned, replaced hdd, got in touch with HP for recovery disc, the ones they sent are not compatible with my machine. Was told those disc are no longer avaible(sic) so they refunded my money back, so all I have are a set of croasters.
Does anyone out there know how I can open the files on these disc and get the ones I need? Windows XP w\sp2 (retail) only loaded the bare minimun for the video and no sound card drivers. So I'm looking at 4bit color and have nota bit of sound. Error message says no mixer unit loaded. These files are on the usless disc HP sent but I can't seem to get them loaded.
BTY, the HDD I installed was a sata HDD, also insalled an adapter card for it. Computer sees the Hdd, but it doesn't show up in the BIOS, That couldn't be part of the problem could it?Now I have 500gb of storage space and nothing to put on it until I get Audio and Video figured out. Thanks for listening to my raint, hope yall can help.

HP is JUNK!!!!!

You could have a hard drive your BIOS can't recognixe, or can't be set for.

I updated my bios today and my video started working, 32bit color and 3d graphics and the whole nine yards, bios still doesn't see the SATA HDD. Now to get my mixing device and sound card to work. Get that done and I'm back in business. Think it's the drivers. All that stuff is on the recovery disc HP sent, but those disc won't work with my machine. Chipset ID sucks big time.

Everything is working as it should, I think. Used driver dective program which told me to go to windows updates.Had to network this computer with the wife's, which tuened out to be easier than I through it would be. went on line got my updates, all 85 of them, and now the machine seems to be doing good. have a small problem with a cdburner but I think that's the burner itself. going to get a combo burner to replace the bad one.

Also try to see if it a software issue before you throw your Possibly perfectly good CD to the already problematic Land fills.

Try removing the ATA/ATAPI Bus master controller. This will reinstall the drivers for teh CD rom. It might get your device working again.

Hope that helps

RueB 2s De.

Hey Rueb 2s De,
You have totally lost me now! what are or is the ATA/ATAPI Bus master controller? Sorry to act dumb, but I know just enough to get me in trouble with these things. I've learned more in the last few weeks comming here to Daniweb to fix my HDD.
Thanks for the response and once I figure out what you are talking about I'll check it out.:confused:

Sure Dewabo,

The ATA/ATAPI are the drivers for primarly the FDD/DVD and CDROM drives. the PCI Bus master controller handles these devices. You'll notice when you right click and remove the PCI bus master controller that the CD rom catagory in the Device manager will be removed.

Always try to troublshoot software first before you replace parts. It cost alot less and doesn't fill our land fills with computer parts that might be functional.

Let me know if I can help you futher.