Hello Everyone,

When I turn on my computer it goes thru all the standard start up procedures until I get this screen that says that Windows was not shut down properly and it gives me several options to try to boot up...but to no avail... I tried to start in safe mode, etc....it jsut keeps going thru the start up process unsuccessfuly...I have also tried reading some of the material on here..but not quite sure what to do..I am not near the machine...had to come to tje local library to search for answers....HELP!


Go to start run type in SFC /SCANNOW

I am still trying to figure out what to do...not sure where to go to start to do what the Titan guy said to do...I hit the F8 key until the blue screen of death appeared..It said Unmountable_Boot_Volume and the error codes are 0X000000ED (0X812FEA20, 0XC000009C, 0X0000000, 0X0000000)...Anyone know what that means? and where do I go from here?...I have the Windows operating CD but that is it...how can I start the process of wiping everything out and starting to reinstall everything?...or is that what I really need to do?

Sorry about the previous post misread your post was tired.

Try this go into BIOS it is either F2 or delete or F10 according to your machine and set the Bios to fail safe default settings.

If that doesn't do it.

put in your XP disc till you get the option to hit R for recovery console.then type in chkdsk /r.