Somebody can give me a hint???
I've just bought a webcam with a microphone on it and I use MSN messenger to chat with a friend. I can see the person's face and I have to write in order to communicate.

How can I talk to the person like a telephone, without any writing.

I heard about a program called 'skype' , which consists of a

microphone and a earphone.

After downloaded the program, you will use the internet and be able to speak to the person.

We do not need to pay for the calls, just like emails.... Any idea about this?

I do appreciate for your attention.

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You should be able to use the microphone in your webcam with MSN Messenger without getting any other programs. Did you install the software that came with your camera/mic? There should be a cord with it as well that needs to be plugged into the mic socket on your computer (make sure its all the way in!). If those things are done, you may just need to look in whatever tools MSN has available to make sure the mic is enabled.

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