hi...I installed windows vista and when I try to activate, it give me an error code 0x8007251d and I am unable to activate it...i have 25 days left or windows stops functionong
does someone know how to fix this???

Did you purchase your copy of Windows? Did you put the correct serial in? Can you contact the provider of your software?

No...its windows enterpice provided for free where I study at..I did not had to put an activation code i just downloaded, record to cd, and install... the activation code is already there...it does give me the option to change it but I also notice it wont let me put 0's and the activation code that is already there have 0's

If I disconnect from internet, an option appears that says" other ways to activate" but I cant click it...I aldo tried the command slui 4..this shows me the phone activation option but it only gives me the option of calling afganistan...not toll free...so I dont know if I should try that

I read in a forum that norton may be the problem so I uninstall it and is still the same...