alright. I'm getting that error when I try to load up my computer, and I don't know how to fix it. Once it finishes checking the drive for consistency, it just sits there...and just sits...leaving that screen up...never moving. it's really annoying..

I actually sat and clicked around blindly with my mouse, and it ended up logging me into my guest account (I'm guessing it was the guest account.), but I couldn't see anything on the was still the "checked for consistency" screen, but it was playing a video on AIM in the background of the screen.

oh, and if I shut it down via power button after it finishes checking, it doesn't do it again...but just goes to an all black screen as the log-in screen, without a visible mouse cursor.

the drive is C drive, and it's the whole FAT32 or whatever. is any of you could help, it would really be appreciated.

Have you run any diagnostics on your hard drive? It's possible that you could have makings of a bad drive.

Well it sounds more like the video driver didn't initialize properly - try tapping F8 before the Windows logo appears and choosing "VGA mode". If you are able to get into Windows, install the latest video driver you can find.