Hi , I have a usb flash and I want to make it's folders have different appearance than the classic. I choose a folder , go to properties and choose an icon so as the folder has the icon's appearrance. BUT this doesn't works very well, I suppose it's because my stick's path changes from a PC to another.

Do you happen to know any Idea?
Any ideas accepted.

The folder icons are normally stored on the computer, not the stick. If you store an icon on removable storage, the computer will chose a different icon to use when it can't find your icon because the stick isn't there.

So you will have to copy this alternate icon to the same location in each computer you will use the stick on.

I'm not sure I understand your advice.

Is this somehow what you meant?
1. Make a folder named "icons"
2. copy it to "my documents"
3. make the folders of my usb flash point to these icons.

What, i've done now is have each of my stick's folder point to an icon that is in it.
i.e. I have a folder "downloads" and an icon "example.ico" in it.
This works GREAT in my PC where the sticks drive is G: but not in other PC's.

You have to repeat your process on every computer you use the stick on. The icon settings are stored on the computer, not the stick.