I'm a bit out of my depth guys.... any help you can give would be appreciated.

I recently purchased a new lap top with Vista. The ide was to use this machine to complement my existing desktop set up. I'm just not getting my pcs to work together. I'm faced with an either or situation.

Using just the laptop is not practical as I need to have numerous bits of hardware plugged in (scanner, printer, tomtom, phone, camera etc). At the moment I have been using OE for mail on the desktop. I have been advised that I need to use only one machine for my mail - so I will use the laptop as Windows mail has so much more to it than OE.

I'm having a couple of difficulties with this set up. I havent managed to move my stored emails over to my new machine. Can anyone offer nay guidance please?

Additionally, I can see the printer from the laptop, but access is denied. I have shared the printer but I am unable to resolve this issue. Any advice on this would also be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know how I can get unrestricted access between these 2 machines?




never mind about this problem. I am returning the laptop and buying a machine with XP. Problem solved :-)

You can move the stored emails easialy. Outlook has a "store folder". The path is somewhere under its settings (i think you click maintainance?)

Copy and paste this path into windows explorer then just copy contents of that directory into the store folder on the laptop

Printerwsie, are you uing XP home or Pro and what Service pack ?